combination not supported: Threaded/Profiling when building NDP library

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Having read the papers on Nested Data Parallelism in the Haskell I
wanted to play around with the de-sugared implementation in the GHC
library NDP. I have built GHC from source, on RHE5, and then installed
the NDP library from the tar ball. Following the build instructions in
the README I got to building the library which resulted in the following
error being reported:


ghc-6-6.1: combination not supported: Threaded/Profiling


This seems to be down to the fact that -prof and -threaded have been
specified on a particular build line, although I emit not to be
completely sure about this.


Looking through the GHC page on its SMP support it seems to imply that
the option -threaded is not needed when building code, rather when
linking a parallel program, but it is unclear if this is the case when
building a library such as NDP. 


Having scanned through the GHC source tree it seems that -prof is
referenced in numerous places such that it would be a bit of a pain to
have to remove these over removing the single reference to -threaded in
the file. 


Thanks for any help that you can provide on this.


Many Regards,



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