About ReplacingGMPNotes

Roberto Zunino zunino at di.unipi.it
Sat Sep 15 10:00:56 EDT 2007

I noticed the following on

The LGPL licensing situation may be worse: even though The Glasgow
Haskell Compiler License is essentially a "free software" license
(BSD3), according to paragraph 2 of the LGPL, GHC must be distributed
under the terms of the LGPL!

This seems to be inaccurate to me. The LGPLv2.1, section 6, states that,
if you statically-link, it is enough to provide the GHC source (even
under BSD), o re-linkable object code. I think the newer LGPL has a
similar clause.

(Dynamic libraries are currently distributed only for OS X.)

This is for Haskell libs, and does not affect the GMP issues in any way,
AFAICS. GMP is indeed dynamically linked in my linux system.

Roberto Zunino.

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