How to create a GHC binary bundle?

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Mon May 28 04:01:03 EDT 2007

Maxime, it's a UK holiday today, but I expect Ian will get back to you about this on Tuesday.


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| Subject: How to create a GHC binary bundle?
|         Hello all,
| I've been trying to find documentation on how to create GHC binary
| bundles myself without success so far.  I've been browsing the GHC
| website and found documents on how to handle various situations
| such as porting GHC to an unsupported platform, or how to build GHC
| from a binary bundle, but couldn't find anything related to the
| creation of those binary bundles.  I've also encountered many broken
| links on the GHC website which didn't make things easier :-).
| To be more precise, I want to know how to create the
| ghc-$version-$arch-boot.tar.bz2 file to redistribute to users so
| that they can build GHC easily, and that on a platform that already
| has a working (but older) GHC installation.
| So far, I've been able to find out that I want to use the binary-dist
| make target, and that this requires me to put BIN_DIST=1 in
| mk/  Other than that, I'm pretty much lost.
| If I just missed some document, I'd be happy to get redirected to
| it; if not, some explanations on the matter would be greatly
| appreciated.
| Thanks,
| Maxime
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