How to create a GHC binary bundle?

Maxime Henrion mux at
Sat May 26 21:58:47 EDT 2007

	Hello all,

I've been trying to find documentation on how to create GHC binary
bundles myself without success so far.  I've been browsing the GHC
website and found documents on how to handle various situations
such as porting GHC to an unsupported platform, or how to build GHC
from a binary bundle, but couldn't find anything related to the
creation of those binary bundles.  I've also encountered many broken
links on the GHC website which didn't make things easier :-).

To be more precise, I want to know how to create the
ghc-$version-$arch-boot.tar.bz2 file to redistribute to users so
that they can build GHC easily, and that on a platform that already
has a working (but older) GHC installation.

So far, I've been able to find out that I want to use the binary-dist
make target, and that this requires me to put BIN_DIST=1 in
mk/  Other than that, I'm pretty much lost.

If I just missed some document, I'd be happy to get redirected to
it; if not, some explanations on the matter would be greatly


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