Installing GHC

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Sun Mar 18 09:21:38 EDT 2007

On Sun, Mar 18, 2007 at 12:30:15PM +0100, at wrote:
> It is a debian package, only it doesn't work here. In the sidux forum, I've heard of people having no problems installing ghc, it's just me who gets bitten.
> Here's a session:
> root at macduff:/home/dafis# apt-get -s install ghc6
> Inst ghc6 (6.6-3 Debian:unstable)
> Conf ghc6 (6.6-3 Debian:unstable)
> root at macduff:/home/dafis# apt-get install ghc6
> Entpacke ghc6 (aus .../archives/ghc6_6.6-3_i386.deb) ...
> Richte ghc6 ein (6.6-3) ...

OK, that does look suspiciously like it's using the Debian package.

What do

    dpkg -L ghc6 | grep /bin
    dpkg -s ghc6
    ls -l /usr/bin/ghc /usr/bin/ghc6 /usr/lib/ghc-6.6/bin/ghc-6.6
    zcat /usr/share/doc/ghc6/changelog.Debian.gz | head -32
    ls -l /usr/local/bin/ghc /usr/local/lib/ghc-6.6/ghc-6.6


You may just also have a locally installed ghc in /usr/local

> root at macduff:/home/dafis# ghc --version
> /usr/local/lib/ghc-6.6/ghc-6.6: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


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