Trouble trying to find packages for ubuntu linux

Brian Hulley brianh at
Fri Mar 16 15:43:18 EDT 2007

Thanks to everyone for sending me info on how to install ghc6.6 on
Ubuntu. The way I used eventually was one sent to me off list and uses
the generic i86 linux at

The exact steps I used after downloading the tarball at the above URL to
my Desktop were:

~$ mkdir ghc-6.6
~$ mkdir tarball
~$ mv Desktop/ghc-6.6-i386-unknown-linux.tar.bz2 tarball
~$ cd tarball
~/tarball$ tar -jxvf ghc-6.6-i386-unknown-linux.tar.bz2
~/tarball$ sudo apt-get install libreadline4 libncurses5
~/tarball$ cd ghc-6.6
~/tarball/ghc-6.6$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/ghc-6.6
~/tarball/ghc-6.6$ make install
~/tarball/ghc-6.6$ cd ../..
~$ gedit .bashrc&

and added $HOME/ghc-6.6/bin to my PATH (must be no spaces in the line

  export PATH=$HOME/ghc-6.6/bin:$PATH

Then closed the terminal and opened a new terminal and lo! ghc, ghci,
and many libraries are now available! :-)

Thanks again for the other suggestions also - I chose the above method
just because it will allow me to easily try out different versions of
ghc in future while still being able to keep the 6.6 version around just
by changing my PATH to whatever version I want to use.

Best regards, Brian.

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