Trouble trying to find packages for ubuntu linux

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Thu Mar 15 20:16:34 EDT 2007

On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 11:32:13PM +0000, Brian Hulley wrote:
> >From the ghc downloads page it says the Debian packages are in Debian
> testing and unstable (I assume 'testing' is the one people are supposed
> to use(?)).

For GHC debs, they're currently identical.

> I've managed to get ghc by itself by just browsing the
> Debian testing repo at
> but the problem arises when I try to get the library packages, since
> some of them eg libghc6-base-dev, libghc6-base-prof are not listed there
> (also not found in the unstable repo at the corresponding url above).

base is provided by the ghc6 and ghc6-prof packages; see the output of

$ dpkg -s ghc6 | grep Provides
$ dpkg -s ghc6-prof | grep Provides

for the complete list they provide.


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