scripts on unix

Sven Panne sven.panne at
Thu Mar 15 07:10:35 EDT 2007

On Thursday 15 March 2007 10:56, Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> [...] If you install hmake, and change 'runhaskell' to runhs, it works.

This reminds me of something, at least for the Linux world: No Haskell 
compiler/interpreter should directly install 'runhaskell'. Instead of that, 
it should only directly install runghc, runhugs, runnhc, ... and use 
update-alternatives (or a similar technology for that platform) to inform the 
native package system that there is a new alternative for 'runhaskell'. 
Similar reasoning holds for cpphs, hsc2hs and friends. I'll update the .spec 
files accordingly soon.

Doing it that way, the local sysadmin has the choice to configure which 
Haskell implementation is the default and several versions of the same 
implementation could be installed side by side.

I don't have a clue how to do this correctly for Mac OS X and Windows, though. 
And 'runhs' is actually not a very good name to run nhc98, runnhc or runnhc98 
would be much better IMHO.


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