ghc api, some simple questions

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Fri Jun 29 09:20:00 EDT 2007

- {-# OPTIONS_GHC -package ghc #-}

    would be useful, doesn't give a warning, but doesn't work, either.
    -package works in ghci, but not in source pragmas, why?

- hostSession

    hardcoding topDir doesn't seem to be a good idea. shouldn't
    GHC export means to get at the "hosting" ghc session (the one
    compiling the current code), so that one could ask for topDir there?

    currently, i'm calling "ghc --print-libdir" externally ..

    if nothing else, perhaps something like the 'ghcDir' hack from 
    the example below could be in GHC?

- ppr/printForUser

    should GHC reexport Outputable?

    also, ppr doesn't seem to handle infix op definitions correctly,
    printing the left-hand side in prefix form, but without parentheses?
    [ghc 6.6.1]


{-# OPTIONS_GHC -package ghc #-}
module API where

import DynFlags
import GHC
import System.Process
import System.IO
import Outputable

mode = Interactive

-- shouldn't something like this be in System.Process?
writer >| cmd = runInteractiveCommand cmd >>= \(i,o,e,p)->writer i
cmd |> reader = runInteractiveCommand cmd >>= \(i,o,e,p)->reader o

-- shouldn't GHC export a hostSession, 
-- so that we could ask for things like topDir there?
ghcDir = "ghc --print-libdir" |> (fmap dropLineEnds . hGetContents)
  where dropLineEnds = filter (not . (`elem` "\r\n"))

main = defaultErrorHandler defaultDynFlags $ do
  s <- newSession mode . Just =<< ghcDir
  flags <- getSessionDynFlags s
  (flags, _) <- parseDynamicFlags flags ["-package ghc"]
  GHC.defaultCleanupHandler flags $ do
    setSessionDynFlags s flags{ hscTarget=HscInterpreted }
    addTarget s =<< guessTarget "API.hs" Nothing
    load s LoadAllTargets
    prelude <- findModule s (mkModuleName "Prelude") Nothing
    usermod <- findModule s (mkModuleName "API") Nothing 
    setContext s [usermod] [prelude]
    Just cm <- checkModule s (mkModuleName "API")
    unqual <- getPrintUnqual s
    printForUser stdout unqual $ ppr $ parsedSource cm

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