64-bit windows version?

kyra kyrab at mail.ru
Mon Jun 25 12:55:57 EDT 2007

> Certainly doable but it does present a conundrum: for the old GHC 
> (without builtin cl-support) the order for compilation seems to be:
> <compile/link command> <compile/link flags> <output> <source/object 
> files> <other flags>
> while for cl running link.exe or link.exe, it is better to put all the 
> files at the end of the command line:
> <compile/link command> <compile/link flags> <output> <other flags> 
> <source/object files>
> It also adds one more layer of indirection a that delicate stage.

Maybe some gcc mimicing cl wrapper tailored specifically for GHC 
building system could help? One more layer of indirection, but could 
leave ghc driver relatively intact.


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