need help with 6.4.2 boot build for hpux 11.0

Joe Buehler jbuehler at
Mon Jun 25 12:40:08 EDT 2007

I am attempting to get 6.4.2 booted under hpux 11.0 following the
instructions for building from hc files generated on another machine.

The target compiler builds but will not build a trivial test program.
The error message indicates that it cannot import the Prelude module.

Looking at the system calls that the compiler is making I am guessing
that package.conf.inplace is not correct.  The one produced by the target
build is basically empty, as compared to the one on the host machine.

Can this file just be copied from the host build machine to the target?

Another question I have is this, is there a better version of GHC to
try this with?  The instructions don't match the 6.6 source tree layout
so I went back to 6.4.x.  I have had to install some patches though so
am wondering if I would have an easier time of this with something even
Joe Buehler

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