Prelude not in haskell98?

Iavor Diatchki iavor.diatchki at
Tue Jun 5 18:05:30 EDT 2007


I am using GHC 6.6 and I am trying to build a library using Cabal.
The library is written in Haskell'98 so I made the Cabal file depend
only on the package "haskell98".  Unfortunately building the library
fails with the following error:

    Failed to load interface for `Prelude':
      it is a member of package base, which is hidden

The module "MyModule" does not have any imports (except for the
implicitly imported Prelude).
If I add an extra dependency on package "base", then the library compiles.

All this seems to indicate that the Prelude is not a part of the
"haskell98" package.  Is this the case, and if so, is this
intentional?  It would be nice if we could create Cabal packages that
explicitly indicate that the library depends only on Haskell 98


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