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Wed Feb 21 23:30:51 EST 2007

Dear Colleagues,

You may now resgister for TFP 2007! TFP 2007 will be held April 2-4, 2007 
in New
York City, USA. Our invited speaker is John McCarthy, Stanford University. 
details can be found at our homepage: .

You may register at: . The 
deadline is March 2, 2007 (11:59 p.m. EST). Accomodations information may 
be found
at: . We kindly remind you 
that the
deadline to make a hotel reservation at the guaranteed rates offered to 
TFP 2007
participants is also quickly approaching.

We are proud to announce our program of accepted talks:

Unifying Hybrid Types and Contracts
Jessica Gronski and Cormac Flanagan

A Dual Semantics for the Data Description Calculus
Yitzhak Mandelbaum, Kathleen Fisher, and David Walker

A Metalanguage for Structural Operational Semantics
Matthew Lakin and Andrew Pitts

An Arrow Based Semantics for Interactive Applications
Peter Achten, Marko van Eekelen, Maarten de Mol, and Rinus Plasmeijer

Dependent Types: Easy as Pie
Dimitrios Vytiniotis and Stephanie Weirich

Constructing Correct Circuits -- Hardware Modelling with Dependent Types
Edwin Brady, James McKinna, and Kevin Hammond

Why Would Extensible Dependent Types Matter
Pablo Nogueira and Bruno Oliveira

Bytecode Verification for Haskell
Robert Dockins and Samuel Z. Guyer

UnreadTVar: Extending Haskell Software Transactional Memory for 
Nehir Sonmez, Cristian Perfumo, Srdjan Stipic, Adrian Cristal, Osman S. 
Unsal, and Mateo Valero

A New Functional Implementation of Grover's Fast Search Algorithm
Justin Stallard and Murray Gross

An Inference Algorithm for Guaranteeing Safe Destruction
Manuel Montenegro, Ricardo Peña, and Clara Segura

Hierarchical Master/Worker Skeletons
Jost Berthold, Mischa Dieterle, Rita Loogen, and Steffen Priebe

Property Directed Generation of First-Order Test Data
Fredrik Lindblad

Refactoring for Comprehension
Gustavo Villavicencio

Towards a Box Calculus for Hume
Gudmund Grov and Greg Michaelson

Scaled Regression: A Refinement of Primitive Recursion
Daniel Leivant

Equality-Based Uniqueness Typing
Edsko de Vries, Rinus Plasmeijer, and David Abrahamson

Lightweight Static Resources: Sexy Types for Embedded and Systems 
Oleg Kiselyov and Chung-chieh Shan

Space-Efficient Gradual Typing
David Herman, Aaron Tomb, and Cormac Flanagan

Use-Based Reference of Polymorphism
Dave King and John Hannan

Designing a Generic Graph Library Using ML Functors
Sylvain Conchon, Jean-Christophe Filliatre, and Julien Signoles

The SCIence Joint Research Activity
Kevin Hammond, Dana Petcu, Phil Trinder, Abdallah Al Zain, Steve Linton, 
and Greg Michaelson

Generic and Index Programming
Jeremy Gibbons, Meng Wang, and Bruno C d. S. Oliveira

The AHA Project
Marko van Eekelen, Olha Shkaravska, Ron van Kesteren, Bart Jacobs, Sjaak 
Smetsers, and Erik Poll

Studying Helium Program Bahaviour with the Neon Library
Jurriaan Hage and Peter van Keeken

Design and Implementation of JFP
Hao Xu

Hop Client-Side Compilation
Florian Loitsch

Adaptive High-Level Scheduling in a Generic Parallel Runtime Environment
Jost Berthold, Abyd Al-Zain, and Hans-Wolfgang Loidl

Bundles Pack Tighter than Lists
Francisco Lopez-Fraguas, Juan Rodriguez-Hortala, and Jaime 

Model-Based Testing of Thin-Client Web Applications and Navigation Input
Pieter Koopman, Peter Achten, and Rinus Plasmeijer

We look forward to seeing you at TFP 2007!



Dr. Marco T. Morazan
TFP 2007
Program Committee Chair
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