GHC 6.8.1 on Mac OS 10.5 Leopard (Intel) - Configure fails

Carsten Keßler carsten.kessler at
Tue Dec 11 03:26:27 EST 2007

Hi greg,

Gregory Wright schrieb:
> The ghc distribution on MacPorts doesn't support 6.8.1 yet because I 
> haven't finished porting it.
I have already figured out that ghc via MacPorts only works if you have 
a working version of ghc on board, which I have not, so this is not an 
option for me right now.

> The whole 6.8.1 release is sort of a mess. Our old bootstrap compiler on 
> ppc (version 6.4) seems
> not to be able to build 6.8.1, contrary to expectations.  I can get 
> 6.6.1 to build 6.8.1, so I may just
> have to update the bootstrap compiler.  (Updating the bootstrap compiler 
> is a fair amount of work,
> mostly to check that no unnecessary dependencies get included.  This is 
> essential so that the
> process "just works" for most people.)
> I had asked on this list several days ago if anyone knew what versions 
> of ghc were capable
> of building 6.8.1 and received no answer to this question.  AFAIK, only 
> 6.6.1 is capable of building
> 6.8.1, despite the the website's advertising that any version > 6.0 
> should be sufficient.
> (The libraries for 6.8.1 seem to need 6.2 or later.)

Thanks for the detailed insight - however, I'm afraid I won't be able to 
help you in any way with these issues.


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