GHC 6.8.1 on Mac OS 10.5 Leopard (Intel) - Configure fails

Gregory Wright gwright at
Tue Dec 11 03:04:35 EST 2007

On Dec 10, 2007, at 3:21 PM, Carsten Keßler wrote:

> Basically, I just wanted to get this thing running without too much  
> hassle... Does anyone have an idea why the GHC distribution  
> available via MacPorts does not work at the moment?

Hi Carsten,

The ghc distribution on MacPorts doesn't support 6.8.1 yet because I  
haven't finished porting it.

The whole 6.8.1 release is sort of a mess. Our old bootstrap compiler  
on ppc (version 6.4) seems
not to be able to build 6.8.1, contrary to expectations.  I can get  
6.6.1 to build 6.8.1, so I may just
have to update the bootstrap compiler.  (Updating the bootstrap  
compiler is a fair amount of work,
mostly to check that no unnecessary dependencies get included.  This  
is essential so that the
process "just works" for most people.)

I had asked on this list several days ago if anyone knew what  
versions of ghc were capable
of building 6.8.1 and received no answer to this question.  AFAIK,  
only 6.6.1 is capable of building
6.8.1, despite the the website's advertising that any version > 6.0  
should be sufficient.
(The libraries for 6.8.1 seem to need 6.2 or later.)

This will all take some time to sort out but it is being worked on.

Best Wishes,

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