GHC porting to FreeBSD-amd64 progress report

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Mon Dec 3 06:40:14 EST 2007

Wilhelm B. Kloke wrote:
> Simon Marlow <simonmarhaskell at> schrieb:
>> Perhaps you compiled mkDerivedConstants as a 32-bit executable?
> Yes. I was not attentive enough.
> But now I have got a working compiler on FreeBSD-amd64-7.0. If anybody is
> interested, I shall prepare a package of the installed binaries.

If you can build a binary distribution, we'll happily upload it to and make it available for download.  Just 'make binary-dist' 
should produce a suitable distribution.

However, you might want to wait for 6.8.2 in the next few days, as we fixed 
several important bugs.

> The compiler is good enough to compile itself now. Though there are
> problems remaining. One the programs I tested the computation of
> Meertens numbers from Bird/Wadler's book. This program segfaults on
> amd64, but not on i386.

You'll probably find that the testsuite shows up this (and maybe other) 
bugs.  Start with a full testsuite run, is my advice.


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