Display problem with ghci (:e) and vim

Peter Ilberg peter.ilberg at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 15:26:45 EDT 2007

On Fri, 10 Aug 2007, Marc Weber wrote:
> Do you see a lot of control structures scattering around?
> The way you get them when using !vim within vim?
> (you can still use :q! do quit)

No control structures. The bottom part of the file is not displayed. Also, 
when I open a second window (:help), the modeline/divider isn't displayed 
and other things aren't quite right either. When I refresh with Ctrl-L, 
the cursor always ends up in the lower right corner on the last displayed
character instead of where it used to be.

> your TERMINAL env var might be important.
> Does it look different when additionally running all within screen?
> Perhaps :h terminal* can also help?

Thanks for the :h terminal hint. I didn't know about that.

Unfortunately, I had looked at the TERM and TERMCAP settings before. I 
found only one difference compared to running in a shell or within hugs, 
but it didn't fix the problem (nor did it break hugs when I tried the

There may be other differences, but I can't see them since vim's display 
is messed up (:set termcap doesn't display all of the settings as it does 
when I run vim by itself).

Oh well, I'll just stick to hugs for now.

-- Peter

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