Display problem with ghci (:e) and vim

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Fri Aug 10 16:06:24 EDT 2007

> Hello!
> I've noticed an odd display problem with ghci and vim. The problem occurs 
> with ghci-6.6 and vim-6 on Mac OS X 10.4.9 (Terminal.app and uxrvt in 
> X11.app) and with ghci-6.2.2, ghci-6.6.1 and vim-7.0 on OpenBSD 4.1 (via 
> PuTTY from Windows).
> 1 - Resize your terminal window to 40 lines.
> 2 - Start ghci.
> 3 - :set editor vim
> 4 - :edit File.hs (pick an existing file)
> Vim doesn't display the file contents properly in the bottom half of my 
> terminal window (it doesn't display parts of the file). But it does 
> correctly display the : command line at the bottom of the screen.
Do you see a lot of control structures scattering around?

The way you get them when using !vim within vim?
(you can still use :q! do quit)
your TERMINAL env var might be important.
Does it look different when additionally running all within screen?

Perhaps :h terminal* can also help?

I'm no experienced user with this stuff. It did just work for me all the
time :)


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