GHC Manuals online

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Apr 24 15:25:09 EDT 2007


> why so complicated? try googling for "ghc user guide", and the very
> first entry, for me, is the latest at in fact, google toolbar
> suggests this phrase after just typing "ghc".

What I was actually googling for is "ghc haskell language pragma", and
then you get loads of results from manuals before GHC had a language
pragma. I don't mean searching to find the documentation, I mean
searching to find content within the documentation.

> playing around a bit, something like "ghc/docs/latest flags" seems to work
> reasonably well. but perhaps an all-in-one version would be better for
> searching, such as the PDF version.

Or just one big HTML page, the Firefox inline search is quite powerful.

> wasn't there a specialized google search for haskell? yup, here:

And trying that with my above query I get way too much code, and
nothing useful - but one to bookmark for the future.

> ps. also ask neil. i'm sure there's a secret hoogle flag for this!-)

Not yet (/me adds)



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