GHC Manuals online

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Tue Apr 24 15:18:35 EDT 2007

> Try googling for "The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System
> User's Guide", I was able to find easily:

why so complicated? try googling for "ghc user guide", and the very 
first entry, for me, is the latest at in fact, google toolbar
suggests this phrase after just typing "ghc".

i also noticed that windows ghc installations come with a local copy of 
haddocks and user guide (browse through c:/ghc/.../doc/, or through the
start menu entry for ghc), so i always have the version(s) relevant to the 
ghc's i have, while i usually had to search when on unix.

also, going to, then to documentation, is quicker
than going to google, then typing a search phrase.

but then, my haskell_doc.vim allows me to say ':Doc "-guide"' right from
within my editor!-)

searching within the guide tricky. the inurl:word tip is nice, but if you 
already know the section, you might as well search the table of contents.

playing around a bit, something like "ghc/docs/latest flags" seems to work
reasonably well. but perhaps an all-in-one version would be better for 
searching, such as the PDF version.

wasn't there a specialized google search for haskell? yup, here:


ps. also ask neil. i'm sure there's a secret hoogle flag for this!-)

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