FreeBSD/amd64 registerised running

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at
Wed Apr 11 04:23:35 EDT 2007

Simon Marlow wrote:
> Chris Kuklewicz wrote:
>> Could the solution be to depend on a pure Haskell regex implementation
>> instead
>> of on a regex-posix / Posix.hsc and the system regex library?
> Yes, as I mentioned, ticket 1160
> ( is for replacing
> regex-posix with regex-tdfa, and that would fix this issue.
> However, Igloo just removed the regex packages from GHC's core package
> set, so we don't have the problem any more.
>> The regex-tdfa backend could be modified to work with the regex-base
>> in GHC 6.6
>> and then regex-compat could quickly be switched to use this instead of
>> regex-posix.
> It sounds like a good idea to switch regex-compat to depend on
> regex-tdfa anyway.

After I upgrade to 6.6.1 (using OS X on PPC) then I will make new versions of
regex-compat and regex-tdfa.  The thing I have to fix is that the current
"unstable" regex-tdfa depends on the "unstable" regex-base and I have to make a
new branch of regex-tdfa that works against the "stable" regex-base that 6.6 and
6.6.1 use.  Mainly this will be erasing code.

For 6.8 we can upgrade regex-base to whatever the latest version is then.
Current changes in regex-base are (1) use of 'fail' for error handling in
RegexMaker, (2) use of newtypes to make avoid Hugs seeing overlapping instances
in RegexContext (no more conditional compilation).


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