ghc development version (6.7) from MacPorts

Gregory Wright gwright at
Mon Apr 2 16:39:02 EDT 2007


For those who live on the bleeding edge, I have made a port of the
latest development version of ghc for OS X through MacPorts.  (If you  
are not familiar
with MacPorts, see

The build is from the darcs repository, and installs its binaries
as <bin_name>-6.7.<date_code> .  This naming allows the development
version to be installed alongside the released ghc-6.6 with no  

The port should work with OS X 10.3 and later on Intel or PPC.

The name of the port is "ghc-devel".

Note that because this is really a _development_ version, it may be
buggy or not build at all.  For day to day use you want the released

Have fun,

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