[Haskell-cafe] ghc-6.7.20070330 on Mac OS X

Gregory Wright gwright at comcast.net
Sun Apr 1 14:34:45 EDT 2007

Hi Ruben,

The GHC wiki also has information on this, and should be your first
stop if you are experiencing build problems:


At least under MacPorts, I have had no trouble building 6.7-20070330.
I will be releasing a new portfile for ghc-devel in a few days that will
build the latest from the darcs repository.

Best Wishes,

On Apr 1, 2007, at 11:50 AM, Pepe Iborra wrote:

> (redirecting to glasgow-haskell-users)
> It is well known that the readline lib that comes with OS X is no  
> good, and you need to use a replacement. A nice post from the  
> blogosphere explaining all this:
> http://mult.ifario.us/articles/2006/10/17/ghc-6-6-and-mac-os-x- 
> readline-quick-fix
> If that doesn't help, please post the errors that you get when  
> building the readline package.
> Cheers
> pepe

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