OpenGL failing with Mac Intel 6.6 distribution

Deborah Goldsmith dgoldsmith at
Sat Oct 28 13:41:34 EDT 2006

On Oct 28, 2006, at 10:14 AM, Gregory Wright wrote:
> My guess is that your
> compiler was built without OpenGL support.  If you downloaded a binary
> compiler, you're stuck until someone adds it. Look at the output of
> 	ghc-pkg list
> Do you see GLUT-* andfOpenGL-* ? If not, you do not have OpenGL  
> support.

$ ghc-pkg list
     Cabal-1.1.6, GLUT-2.0, HGL-3.1, HUnit-1.1, OpenGL-2.1,
     QuickCheck-1.0, X11-1.1, base-2.0, cgi-2006.9.6, fgl-5.2,
     (ghc-6.6), haskell-src-1.0, haskell98-1.0, html-1.0, mtl-1.0,
     network-2.0, parsec-2.0, readline-1.0, regex-base-0.71,
     regex-compat-0.71, regex-posix-0.71, rts-1.0, stm-2.0,
     template-haskell-2.0, time-1.0, unix-1.0, xhtml-2006.9.13

Since it failed at the gcc stage rather than the ghc stage, I don't  
think that it's that the package wasn't installed. I think something  
about the way the distribution was put together is wrong.

> If you built your ghc from source, make sure you have enabled  
> hopengl that the opengl
> libraries are found (save the build logs and look in the  
> configuration sections).

This is the binary Intel build that is listed on the GHC 6.6  
downloads page. It looks like something is wrong with that build. I  
guess I'll try building it from source instead.


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