Benchmarking GHC

Ketil Malde ketil+haskell at
Thu Oct 19 03:05:48 EDT 2006

"Neil Mitchell" <ndmitchell at> writes:

> I want to benchmark GHC vs some other Haskell compilers, what flags
> should I use?

> [...] I guess the answer is "-O2 -fvia-C"?

I tend to use -O2, but haven't really tested it against plain -O.
>From what I've seen -fvia-C is sometimes faster, sometimes slower, I
tend to cross my fingers and hope the compiler uses sensible defaults
on the current architecture.

One thing that IME makes a difference is -funbox-strict-fields.  It's
probably better to use pragmas for this, though.  Another thing to
consider is garbage collection RTS flags, those can sometimes make a
big difference.

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