Benchmarking GHC

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Wed Oct 18 14:49:37 EDT 2006


I want to benchmark GHC vs some other Haskell compilers, what flags
should I use?

I just want whichever package of flags is "good optimisation" -
nothing unsafe, nothing that changes strictness properties, and a set
of flags that is generally applicable - but slow compilation is fine.
As far as the user guide says:

* At the moment, -O2 is unlikely to produce better code than -O.

* When we want to go for broke, we tend to use -O2 -fvia-C

>From this I guess the answer is "-O2 -fvia-C"? I just wanted to check
this information is still current before I start giving anyone any
benchmark numbers. (for reference I'm on Windows, x86 Pentium
4/Athlon, if that makes a difference)



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