ghc for PC Solaris

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Mon Oct 16 08:43:18 EDT 2006

Christian Maeder wrote:

> I would like to get ghc (version 6.6) working for our students. The
> machines are ATHLON-64 with Solaris 10. (SunOS  5.10 Generic_118855-19
> i86pc i386 i86pc)
> If someone has a binary distribution of any ghc version (that is able to
> build ghc-6.6), please let me know.
> But I would also try to build ghc from hc-sources.
> What is the best platform I could get hc-sources from?
> We have sparc-sun-solaris2.10 and i686-pc-linux-gnu ourselves.

You should be able to use any platform with a working GHC 6.6 to bootstrap from; 
x86/Linux is fine.  Ian bootstraps GHC on new machines for fun(!), so I'm pretty 
sure the process has most of the kinks ironed out at the moment.


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