building GHC (head) on windows MINGW: HsRegexPosixConfig.h: No such file or directory

Brian Smith brianlsmith at
Thu Oct 5 08:43:17 EDT 2006

On 9/30/06, Rene de Visser <Rene_de_Visser at> wrote:
> What do I need to install for the regex library support on MINGW?
> It looks like the regex library needs the posix library, and in my MINGW /
> MSYS installation I don't find one
> (and neither does configure).

I have not run into this problem with the regex library but I ran into a
similar one when building network. Did you get the regex library after you
had already run autoreconf? If so, you need to run autoreconf and
./configure again in the ghc root directory.

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