ANNOUNCE: GHC 6.6 Second Release Candidate

Christian Maeder maeder at
Mon Oct 2 11:22:52 EDT 2006

Ian Lynagh schrieb:
> We are pleased to announce the Second Release Candidate phase for GHC 6.6.
>         Snapshots beginning with 6.5.20061001 are release candidates for 6.6
> We would be particularly interested to hear whether or not the 6.6 RC
> works for people

This RC works for our (about 1000) modules!

A small change between 6.5.20060919 and 6.5.20061001 regarded the
following error:

    Identifier `MMiSSExportFiles.exportFiles' has conflicting
definitions in the module and its hs-boot file

where I had to replace "String" with "FilePath" in the hs-boot file to
fix this.

Cheers Christian

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