ghc-testsuite-6.6 on Macs

Christian Maeder maeder at
Tue Nov 7 06:39:22 EST 2006

Simon Marlow schrieb:
>>    ghcpkg01(normal)
>>    ghcpkg03(normal)
> Any idea why these are failing for you?

Maybe rather than using my installed ghc-pkg (that lists haskell-src)
some inplace ghc-pkg was used:

ghc-pkg: dependency haskell-src doesn't exist (use --force to override)
make[2]: *** [ghcpkg01] Fehler 1

>> I thought the failure signals002(ghci) was related to
>> In fact, I needed to kill the ghc-process to continue the tests.
>> The test files cc004.hs and ffi012.hs failed with several messages of
>> the form:
>>     calling convention not supported on this architecture: stdcall
>>     When checking declaration:
>>         foreign import stdcall safe "wrapper"
>>             wrap_f :: F -> IO (FunPtr F)
>> However, they did not make it into the summary
> They are probably expected failures for you.

Yes they are indeed, but should these really be "expected failures"?

> some of those could be floating-point differences.  In any case, it
> would be good to investigate all of them and get any expected failures
> registered properly in the testsuite.  Can you (or someone else) take a
> look and find out why each of them is failing?

Yes, I hope someone else joins in.

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