Mixing registerised and unregisterised builds

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 05:05:44 EST 2006

Ian Lynagh wrote:

> The attached e-mail seems to be about a problem using a library compiled
> with an unregisterised ghc with a registerised ghc. The linking step is
> giving many "undefined reference to `stg_ap_p_ret'"s (with various
> numbers of 'p's) as well as a few to `GHCziIOBase_zdWIO_entry', and
> possible others I didn't spot, while compiling haskelldb with a
> registerised ghc 6.4.1, where haskelldb depends on hsql, which was
> compiled with an unregisterised ghc 6.4.1.
> Is this expected behaviour? i.e. should I just make sure I don't change
> which arches are registerised within a GHC version?
> If so, would a library compiled with a registerised ghc being used
> by an unregisterised ghc also cause problems?

That's right - registerised and unregisterised code are completely 
incompatible.  Its similar to the situation with profiled and unprofiled 


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