GHC runtime DLLs

Brian Hulley brianh at
Sun Jul 30 17:49:27 EDT 2006

Peter Tanski wrote:
>  The advantage to free software is
> that, like the Haskell language, you get to use some of the most
> advanced programming available.  So here I am, trying to figure out
> what I can do to help GHC, since right now GHC is the only actively
> maintained, current Haskell compiler available.  (In any case, nhc98
> uses GMP as well, so even if you use nhc98 you will still have the
> DLL-NOTES problem to deal with.)

Hi Peter -

It seems a workable solution is just to follow what Esa recommended (similar 
to what you said also) - namely linking all the obj's (for user source) 
together, stripping out debug info, and distributing this (now rather 
obfuscated object file) along with the usual exe to satisfy the demands of 
LGPL, so although a hypothetical implementation of GHC which put the runtime 
in DLLs might make things easier, it's ok as things are at the moment.
Apologies if I seemed to be too negative about the current state of 
affairs... ;-)

Best regards, Brian.

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