Chasing a memory leak

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Fri Jul 28 04:22:59 EDT 2006

Rich Fought wrote:
> I'm getting into the weeds of a GHC-compiled program, and need a little 
> help.  I'm trying to chase down a memory leak and Valgrind gives me the 
> following:
> ==24390== 54,844 bytes in 639 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 
> 69 of 69
> ==24390==    at 0x400446D: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:149)
> ==24390==    by 0x826337E: (within myprog)
>  From the link map of my program this address is in the function
> GHCziBase_zdszddmmin_info

It's unlikely this is right.  This symbol is the code for the function 
GHC.Base.$s$dmin, which is a specialised version ($s) of the default method ($d) 
for min, in class Ord.  I very much doubt that min calls malloc()!

So it probably means that there are some symbols missing in your program binary. 
  Try asking gdb what lies at that address, maybe?


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