Chasing a memory leak

Rich Fought whatever at
Thu Jul 27 12:08:32 EDT 2006

I'm getting into the weeds of a GHC-compiled program, and need a little 
help.  I'm trying to chase down a memory leak and Valgrind gives me the 

==24390== 54,844 bytes in 639 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 
69 of 69
==24390==    at 0x400446D: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:149)
==24390==    by 0x826337E: (within myprog)

 From the link map of my program this address is in the function


I can't seem to find any similar reference in the GHC source or in any 
of my assembly files, so I'm assuming it's something the compiler puts 
together internally for the GHC runtime.  What does this function do, or 
how can I find out what it does?


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