Text.Regex.Posix regcomp

Rich Fought whatever at fsrz.net
Tue Jul 18 15:47:58 EDT 2006


I have a server application that I am building using GHC 6.4 (yes, an 
update to 6.4.2 is on the horizon, but
not in the immediate future - unless it fixes this problem :) ) under 
MSYS/MinGW.  Things work pretty well,
but under stress testing the app eventually throws a Windows memory 
access violation (c0000005) exception
out of the exact same location in the regcomp function every time.  When 
it occurs is not deterministic - it could
be after 20 requests or 2000 (usually higher, though).  Various Windows 
debuggers shows it as a memory read

regcomp is called several times with each incoming request.  I'm pretty 
sure it's not a multi-threading issue, as
there is only one client sending requests over and over again.

Can anyone suggest some ideas or debugging tips?


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