MacOS X / PowerPC

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Fri Jul 7 04:26:52 EDT 2006

Gregory Wright wrote:

> I followed the instruction in DebuggingGhcCrashes, and the
> instructions in the ghc commentary for building an rts with debugging
> and symbols.  (Please let me know if there are any mistakes in
> these instructions that you know of!)
> The crash seems to always happen eventually, but I do not have
> a simple case that reproduces it quickly.  Gdb's traceback doesn't  give 
> anything
> immediately useful, so I assume that the crash is in haskell code, not
> in C.  The not-always-reproducible nature of the bug suggests
> deferencing a pointer into uninitialized memory.
> Both 6.4.2 and HEAD show the problem on OS X.   It can be avoided by
> disabling the threaded rts, but that is not acceptable solution.

This is a good datapoint, because it probably rules out much of the 
threaded RTS code in the RTS itself, which has changed significantly 
between 6.4.x and HEAD.

> If I am to take a few deep breaths and dive back into the problem,
> which branch should I use, 6.4.x or HEAD?

No preference, since it's probably the same bug in both.  Use whatever's 
easiest for you.


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