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Gregory Wright gwright at
Thu Jul 6 10:34:11 EDT 2006

Hi Simon,

I followed the instruction in DebuggingGhcCrashes, and the
instructions in the ghc commentary for building an rts with debugging
and symbols.  (Please let me know if there are any mistakes in
these instructions that you know of!)

The crash seems to always happen eventually, but I do not have
a simple case that reproduces it quickly.  Gdb's traceback doesn't  
give anything
immediately useful, so I assume that the crash is in haskell code, not
in C.  The not-always-reproducible nature of the bug suggests
deferencing a pointer into uninitialized memory.

Both 6.4.2 and HEAD show the problem on OS X.   It can be avoided by
disabling the threaded rts, but that is not acceptable solution.

If I am to take a few deep breaths and dive back into the problem,
which branch should I use, 6.4.x or HEAD?

Best Wishes,

On Jul 6, 2006, at 8:13 AM, Simon Marlow wrote:

> Gregory Wright wrote:
>> I submitted a patch for ticket #766 this afternoon.
> Thanks, now comitted and merged.
>> I've banged my head on ticket #751, building with debugging symbols
>> and running under gdb, but have yet to get any useful information  
>> that
>> would pin down the bug.
> Does  
> help at all?
> Cheers,
> 	Simon
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