How to bind a window library (in C) to Haskell?

Brian Hulley brianh at
Mon Feb 27 13:13:54 EST 2006

Hi Esa!

Thanks for the very detailed and clear explanation! I was going to wait till 
I'd implemented a simple example of passing/calling a function closure to 
post a reply but I've wasted all day just trying to think up a good name for 
my graphics library! :-)

Regarding DirectX bindings, if you've not already done so you may be 
interested to see how the DirectX9 .NET api is structured. Certainly when I 
wrote a small graphics program in C# a year or so ago I was quite impressed 
by the way the DX9.NET api managed to hide a lot of the mess that you have 
to deal with in the C/C++ api such as keeping track of resources that 
suddenly disappear and dealing with reset properly.

It looks like I won't need to go to such a low level though for my api - I 
imagine my call back functions will be implemented easily by using a FunPtr 
to something which returns a suitable monadic type which will keep track of 
the state of the app's 'document' and be combined with the IO monad in some 

Also thanks for pointing out the existence of the Win32 bindings. Also I 
noticed that a Haskell version of the ObjectIO library was hiding in my GHC 
installation too, so this will be a further useful source of ideas for how 
to structure my api.

Best regards,

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