inside the GHC code generator

Zdenek Dvorak rakdver at
Mon Feb 27 12:21:08 EST 2006


> > SPJ> tail calls is another,
> > 
> > nowadays gcc optimize tail calls
> I found this thesis on the subject by Andreas Bauer:
>   "Compilation of Functional Programming Languages using GCC -- Tail 
> Calls"
> Do you know if it is his work that was incorporated into GCC?

no.  Also, it is based on now obsolete version of the GCC (most of the
tail call optimization is currently handled in a completely different
way).  If anyone has some concrete proposals on improvements of handling
of tail calls in GCC that could help GHC, please use the gcc bugzilla
( to file an improvement request, and add
me to CC, I will look what I can do.


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