WinHugs for GHCi, prompt feature

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Mon Feb 13 16:13:55 EST 2006

> I added support for GHC's "split-objs" feature to the Gtk2Hs build
> system and the size of a striped hello world GUI shrank from 2.7M to
> 250k. For reference a trivial program (main = print "hello world") is
> 190k on my system.
> This improvement will be included in the next release.

Thats good to hear, although just Haskell's runtime system alone would
dramatically increase the size the .exe - although now its not such a
big concern. Of course, compiling with Yhc to bytecode files and
dynamically linking Gtk2Hs would be even better :)

> Hmm. Drag 'n drop. Yeah we'll have to look into that. I believe it is
> supposed to work but we've not made those features available yet.
Mike Dodd's was giving some prodding on my behalf, for Yhe. I think in
the end he just got really confused by a pile of API documentation,
all of which was only slightly true (mainly on the GTK side, not
Gtk2Hs). In particular drag and drop of files, which is a bit harder
than other data (apparently).

> The toolbar should be indistinguishable from a 'native' one because
> it uses the native WinXP theme API
Gtk applications stand out a mile from normal ones on Windows - I
realise its a lot nicer on Linux. Java applications stand out more,
wxWindows ones stand out less. There are many infidelities vs Windows,
particularly the menu bars are just all wrong (they have gradient
shading of the wrong colour, windows ones are not gradiented). If
there was some easy way to report these graphical bugs, I might give
it a go.

Anyway, developing applications with Gtk2Hs and Haskell is much nicer
(and faster) than developing them with C and the Win32 API - so
hopefully WinHaskell will be a proof of concept in C and the real
AllHaskell can follow on after.



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