ld.exe distributed with Windows ghc-6.4.1 buggy?

Bayley, Alistair Alistair_Bayley at ldn.invesco.com
Mon Feb 13 03:26:33 EST 2006

(MS Windows) GHC users,

I've experienced a small problem with the version of ld that ships with
GHC-6.4.1 for Windows. I used it to build a Postgres sample C program,
and the resulting executable segfaults on a certain line. The same
program works correctly when linked with the version of ld (a slightly
older one) that comes with my Mingw installation.

The respective ld versions are:
  Ghc-6.4.1: 2.15.91 20040904
  Mingw: 2.13.90 20030111

For now I've just replaced the ld.exe in C:\ghc\ghc-6.4.1\gcc-lib\ with
the Mingw one, and it's all good.

Simons (when you return from holiday): is it worth persuing a narrower
test case? (one that doesn't require you to install Postgres to
reproduce :-)

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