GHC 6.6 on Ubuntu

Pupeno pupeno at
Sun Dec 10 14:57:26 EST 2006

> Is there a preferred way of getting this going? I tried the GHC

To get GHC 6.6 on Ubuntu I recommend you my way, getting the sources for the 
packages for Ubuntu + 1 and building the packages. It is very easy, I've 
documented it on my blog:

> instructions for Debian, but this seems to depend on 6.6 already being
> in the repository, which it's not, in Ubuntu (why?).

The lattest stable Ubuntu was released before GHC 6.6. Same for Debian. GHC 
6.6 will be in the next release of both.

> I like Debian/Ubuntu's install system, and I assume that 6.6 will
> eventually make it into Ubuntu. I want to be sure whatever I do now
> doesn't later confuse the system.

What I recommended shouldn't cause any problem or confusion.
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