recursive import

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Tue Aug 15 04:31:11 EDT 2006

Well I agree it's not ideal.  But from what you say it's working as

It's not easy to derive hs-boot from hs, because you probably don't want
to put all the type sigs in the hs file into the hs-boot file, because
that might create yet more dependencies for the hs-boot file.  Also a
common thing is to put a data type decl into the hs-boot file without
constructors, and there's not automatic way to decide whether to do


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| Please, discard my previous request for the help with  .hs-boot.
| I seem to get through the .hs-boot matter.
| We shall see further.
| Still it looks strange.
| The compiler reports errors: this and this thing must not be in
| .hs-boot.
| As it understands everything, it could take the .hs copy and filter
| what is needed for .hs-boot.
| Why the user needs to create .hs-boot by hand?
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