Rich Fought whatever at
Thu Aug 10 19:29:16 EDT 2006

> Did you try GHC's heap profiler?
> Or simply running your program with +RTS -Sstderr will give you a clue 
> about the shape of the heap usage - each line is a single GC, and it 
> includes the amount of live data at that point.
> If your program has a flat heap profile and yet is still grabbing more 
> memory, then something else is going on.
> Cheers,
>     Simon

Well the profile is definitely not flat.

I'm using the profiling tools and Network.accept is apparently the major 
offender using both -hc and -hr profiles.  I take it this implies that 
the products of this function are being retained elsewhere.  I do pass 
the handle off to another thread via forking - this shouldn't be an 
issue should it?  Another retainer involves SYSTEM and Network.accept - 
what exactly does SYSTEM mean?


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