H. h._h._h._ at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 10 07:12:33 EDT 2006

hello @ all,

I tried to install wxhaskell for my ghc6.4.2, but not everything went 

I used the newest version of cygwin, wxWidgets 2.6.3, wxHaskell 0.9.4 and gcc 
3.4.4 (cygming special) (gdc 0.12, using dmd 0.125)

I didn't have any problems by installing and compiling wxWidgets, everything 
seemed to be fine. 

The "configure" as well as "make" worked for wxHaskell, but "make install" just 
produces "out/wxc/ewxw_main.d:1 *** multiple target patterns. Stop."
The file starts as following:
out/wxc/ewxw_main.o: wxc/src/ewxw_main.cpp wxc/include/wrapper.h \
  wxc/include/ewxw_def.h C:/cygwin/usr/local/include/wx-2.6/wx/wx.h \

Does cygming special instead of mingw causes the error or do you know any 
tricks to avoid this failure or know that other versions of wxWidgets work fine

thanks in advance

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