Graphics library very slow

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Mon Aug 7 11:12:58 EDT 2006

By "this code is currently broken", I'm sure you are right, but which
code you mean exactly?  The Win32 binding for GHC?  Or the Hugs Graphics
Library (HGL) implementation for GHC?  

It'd be good to have a Trac bug report, specifying as precisely as
possible what is broken.


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| On Mon, 2006-08-07 at 09:04 -0400, Vyacheslav Akhmechet wrote:
| > The latest stable release seems to have some sort of a problem with
| > the graphics library (the general one as well as the wrapper used in
| > SOE). Opening a window takes more than a couple of minutes (on
| > XP). When I run an identical version of the code through Hugs, the
| > window opens immediately. Am I doing something wrong?
| Unfortunately this code is currently broken with GHC on windows. No
| has fixed it because the code is low level, ugly and few people
| understand it.
| There is an alternative implementation of the SOE api based on Gtk2Hs.
| This is currently being reviewed by the original SOE author. The aim
| to make it match the original semantics as closely as possible. The
| is currently available in the development version of Gtk2Hs.
| Duncan
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