6.4.2 under solaris

Volker Stolz stolz at i2.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Apr 20 03:28:00 EDT 2006

* Christian Maeder <maeder at tzi.de>:
> I also had to adapt again the call of ctime_r in ghc/rts/RtsUtils.c
> -       ctime_r(&now, nowstr, 26);
> +       ctime_r(&now, nowstr);
> #else
> 26 is supposed to be the size of the buffer nowstr. Maybe 27 is also 
> fine? According to the man pages ctime_r is different under linux and 
> solaris. How should that be patched?

Without the 3rd arg is according to POSIX (check your Solaris man page).
'buf' is required to be at least 26 bytes.
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