trouble bootstrapping ghc head

David Roundy droundy at
Tue Apr 18 06:42:34 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm getting the following error when bootstrapping the ghc head darcs

/usr/bin/ghc -H16m -O  -istage1/utils  -istage1/basicTypes  -istage1/types
-istage1/hsSyn  -istage1/prelude  -istage1/rename  -istage1/typecheck
-istage1/deSugar  -istage1/coreSyn  -istage1/specialise  -istage1/simplCore
-istage1/stranal  -istage1/stgSyn  -istage1/simplStg  -istage1/codeGen
-istage1/main  -istage1/profiling  -istage1/parser  -istage1/cprAnalysis
-istage1/ndpFlatten  -istage1/iface  -istage1/cmm  -istage1/nativeGen
-Istage1 -cpp -fglasgow-exts -fno-generics -Rghc-timing -I. -IcodeGen
-InativeGen -Iparser -package unix -ignore-package lang -recomp
-Rghc-timing  -H16M '-#include "hschooks.h"' -i../compat -ignore-package
Cabal    -c ../compat/Distribution/Version.hs -o
stage1/../compat/Distribution/Version.o  -ohi
ghc-6.4: error: directory portion of
"stage1/../compat/Distribution/Version.o" does not exist (used with "-o"
<<ghc: 14201992 bytes, 3 GCs, 92408/92408 avg/max bytes residency (1
samples), 15M in use, 0.00 INIT (0.00 elapsed), 0.08 MUT (0.15 elapsed),
0.04 GC (0.04 elapsed) :ghc>>
make[1]: *** [stage1/../compat/Distribution/Version.o] Error 1
make: *** [stage1] Error 1

I suspect this is related to the recent directory reorganization, but can't
see whether it's something that I'm doing wrong or a makefile bug.
David Roundy

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