ANNOUNCE: Visual Haskell version 0.0

Ashley Yakeley ashley at
Tue Sep 27 16:44:28 EDT 2005

In article 
<3429668D0E777A499EE74A7952C382D1048127E7 at EUR-MSG-01.europe.corp.microso>,
 "Simon Marlow" <simonmar at> wrote:

> A quick note about the license: this is a binary release with a BSD
> license.  We changed the license at the last minute, and didn't have
> time to re-roll the installer.  You have the option of using Visual
> Haskell either under the click-through license in the installer (a
> Microsoft shared source license for non-commercial use) or the more
> liberal BSD license in the documentation.

Will you be coming out with another installer? I'm not comfortable 
clicking "accept" on the MSR license...

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA

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