ANNOUNCE: Visual Haskell version 0.0

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Tue Sep 20 08:29:19 EDT 2005

The Visual Haskell team are proud to announce the first preview release
of Visual Haskell, version 0.0.

Visual Haskell is a complete development environment for Haskell
software, based on Microsoft's Visual Studio platform. Visual Haskell
integrates with the Visual Studio editor to provide interactive features
to aid Haskell development, and it enables the construction of projects
consisting of multiple Haskell modules, using the Cabal
building/packaging infrastructure.

Visual Haskell is a complete system in one download: it includes a full
GHC installation with libraries, and various tools including Haddock,
Happy, and Alex.

In order to use Visual Haskell, you need an x86 machine running Windows,
and Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Downloads, screenshots and documentation here:

Please note that this is a preview release - please download and try it
out, but don't expect a production quality experience.  We'll be
grateful for any feedback you have.

A quick note about the license: this is a binary release with a BSD
license.  We changed the license at the last minute, and didn't have
time to re-roll the installer.  You have the option of using Visual
Haskell either under the click-through license in the installer (a
Microsoft shared source license for non-commercial use) or the more
liberal BSD license in the documentation.


Simon Marlow
Krasimir Angelov
(with thanks to the others who have contributed to Visual Haskell in the
past and to the huge amount of external software on which it relies).

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